As a design discipline, exhibition design is both symbiotic and exploratory, overlapping a wide range of other research, design and craft skills and subjects.


As an exhibition designer, curiosity and creativity join in harmony during the early stages, to help generate themes and ideas to interpret the narrative or story of the exhibition.


As a graphic designer, designing exhibitions, images and text are at the core ingredients that inform the decisions made as the design takes shape.


Combining image and text through often large format graphics is the most effective means of communicating to a wide audience of visitors.




As a designer, it is important to be aware of fundamental characteristic of visitor behaviour when experiencing exhibition environments;


People remember

10% of what they read

20% of what they see

50% of what they hear

90% of what they do


Museum exhibition

Museums are responsible for the storage, conservation, research and interpretation of cultural heritage.


The role of the designer is to provide access to collections and displays both in and out of storage.

Museum collections represent all aspects of life and community, over time and place, they are the repository of our collective material culture and a real and tangible link to the past.


Great Visitor Experiences

  • Provide an appreciation of the subject of the exhibition
  • Allow the visitors to find new meanings about their world
  • Realise the social and cultural significance of the topic of the exhibition
  • Gain an appreciation of the place of the displayed subjects in the wider world
  • Stimulate multiple senses in the choice of materials and displays


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